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LACTO Plus Chicken Drumstick (+/-490g)

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Chicken for the health-conscious!

NutriPlus Air-Chilled Chicken is a high quality poultry product that is the result of a European Union mandatory process, and is unlike any other in Malaysia. By replacing microbe-spreading water and using refrigerated air in the cooling process, the hazard of cross contamination is reduced to an absolute minimum.
Differences between the Air-Chilled Process & the Water-Chilled Process
FeaturesAir-Chilled ProcessWater-Chilled Process
Cross-Contamination FreeYesNo
No Water AbsorptionYesNo
Value For MoneyYesNo
Healthier ChoiceYesNo
Natural TasteYesNo
Why Is NutriPlus Air-Chilled Chicken the Preferred Choice?
Our unique air-chilled process is instrumental in preserving the natural taste of chicken. Unlike other conventional poultry products that use the water-chilling technique, which waters out the natural taste of the chicken, our innovative air-chilling method locks in the natural flavours and juices within each bird. Chicken processed under the normal water-chilled process will also absorb some of the water used, and this translates to about 8-12% of its body weight. When you buy NutriPlus Air-Chilled Chicken, you won't be paying for any excess water content, because there's simply none found in the chicken!
NutriPlus Air-Chilled Chicken Tastes Better
NutriPlus Air-Chilled Chicken tastes wonderfully fresh and full of bite because its natural juices and flavour have been locked in by this innovative process. Extensive product testing and product surveys revealed that most consumers noticed a significantly enhanced flavour and texture in NutriPlus Air-Chilled Chicken.
NutriPlus Air-Chilled Chicken Saves Cooking Time
When you cook NutriPlus Air-Chilled Chicken, you won't waste time having to cook the additional water content in the chicken. Our meat cooks faster than regular chicken meat so you won't waste any time in kitchen. Just remember to take this into consideration and not overcook!

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