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Rockit Apple (Spain)

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Rockit™ apples are small in size and are round to conical in shape, about the size of a golf ball. The smooth skin has a bright yellow base and is covered with dark and light red blush. There is also light tan to white lenticels or pores covering the surface. The flesh is golden yellow, firm, and moist with a few, very small dark brown to black seeds encased in the central fibrous core. Rockit™ apples are crunchy with a juicy, sweet flavor.


Rockit™ apples are available in the early spring.

Current Facts

Rockit™ apples, botanically classified as Malus domestica, are a new variety that has been bred purposefully for its tiny size. Rockit™ apples were created from a cross between a gala and a gala splendor cultivar and were created as the world’s first snack-sized apple. This variety is created without the use of GMOs and is used as a healthy snack food consumed fresh, out of hand.

Nutritional Value

Apples contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, along with vitamin C and small amounts of calcium, potassium, and vitamin A.


Rockit™ apples are best suited for raw applications as they were developed specifically as a snack food. Their small size and packaging are meant to appeal to consumers who want a healthy, on-the-go alternative to processed snacks like candy. They are most commonly consumed fresh, but Rockit™ apples can also be sliced and served over yogurt to make an apple bircher muesli. They can also be dipped in chocolate and nuts and made into a lollipop, served on cheese and fruit platters, or shaved on top of green salads and pasta. Rockit™ apples are known for their long shelf life and will keep for a couple of weeks when stored in a cool and dark place or the refrigerator.

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